What is adventure racing?

Adventure racing is an off-road sport involving a combination of two or more endurance disciplines such as orienteering, trekking/trail running, mountain biking, kayaking, climbing/rappeling, etc.  An expedition event can span ten days or more while sprint races can be completed in a matter of hours.  Teams consist of 2, 3 or 4 members and can be same sex or co-ed.  Wilderness trails are normally used, but bushwhacking cross-country is often the fastest way to get where you need to go.  Compasses are allowed and encouraged, but GPS units are not.  In some races, mystery events
are incorporated.  These are usually tasks that test your teamwork, logic and/or physical skills.
Read more about adventure racing HERE

How does a race work?  What do you need to bring?  How should you train? 
Tons of great information for new racers can be found HERE!

In addition, The Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club has some great beginner clinics and practice courses.  Check out their schedule HERE.

We get LOTS of questions from athletes who are used to road races and triathlons where the entire race is clearly laid out with little thought necessary.  In adventure racing, there is a start and a
finish but, unless you receive specific instructions, the course you travel is up to you.  You may have to strategize, problem-solve, decide on and revise route choices and, generally speaking, if the race director didn't say "You can't"...then "You can".


When we personally race, we make mistakes, get lost, get found, laugh, cry,
sweat, finish first, finish last...but always have a great time!
And that's our philosophy on creating all of our races.
Try this sport and you'll be hooked!

In addition to the races we organize, please check out these other great events

Orienteering is the sport of quickly and accurately navigating over terrain with only the assistance of a map and compass in order to locate pre-positioned control markers. The GPHXO Club offers many events throughout the year.

The Gilmore Adventure race offers both a short and a long course to accommodate racers of all levels.  GO Adventure Recreation presents this race on the trails of Prescott, AZ every September.

Checkpoint 16's mission is to grow the sport of adventure racing by making it more accessible to racers of all experience levels.  

In pursuit of this mission, they maintain a variety of resources designed to meet the needs of racers, race directors, and the industries that support outdoor adventure sports.  Lots of great stuff here!

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